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Where American Islam Is Going 2

This Golden Age of Islam will occur primarily in the United States because Muslims in America are more comfortable than in other Western nations. Americans are not strongly anti-Islamic, as some English and French are, and, in America, Muslims are assured freedom of thought and practice under the First Amendment. This freedom will lead to greater participation in, and therefore ... Read More »

Where American Islam Is Going

A few years ago, my mother mentioned something about how nice two of the Jewish families in our hometown, Pueblo, Colorado, had been when we first moved there. My mom thought maybe it had something to do with the fact that these fam¬ilies had known what it was like to be non-Christian in a Christian town. “You know,” she said, ... Read More »

Sizzling Sex and Bacon 4

But Ms. Best was horrified that my original instructions had been ignored and she had tried to say something before, but I had managed to hold my own. My co-workers sat quietly with their eyes peeled on me and the waitress, as if we were a soap opera. The waitress started to say something, and Ms. Best burst out, “Just ... Read More »

Sizzling Sex and Bacon 3

Not to be self-piteous, but I have to say that we Muslims and Jews who don’t eat pork, and vegetarians, have it tough on this one. I’m assuming here that you, the reader, do not have reli¬gious conflicts with eating certain foods, are not a vegetarian, and do not have allergies to particular foods. Now imagine going to a restaurant ... Read More »

Sizzling Sex and Bacon 2

The effect of this separation is amazing. To the point where my brother jokes that films of men and women merely dining together are considered racy, pornographic material in Arab countries, where the segregation is even more stringent because of non-Islamic, cultural influences. Imagine Arab teenage boys passing around Samire Does Dubai. One says to the another, “In this one, ... Read More »

Sizzling Sex and Bacon

My sister likes to tell a story about a Columbia University Muslim student group iftaar (the prayer and meal held after a day of fasting during Ramadan) she attended when she was a student at Barnard College. She had stunned the conservative, young Muslim crowd by breaking the norm of gen¬der segregation and sitting at the same table with a ... Read More »

Muslims and American Politics: Creating Unity from the Inside Out 5

American Muslims have the opportunity to serve as models for Muslims of the world. It is likely that a mainstream American Muslim will be elected to national office some time in America’s future. However, that Muslim will have to resolve himself or her¬self to having a multi-faceted identity within a diverse and some¬what divided community, especially if we continue to ... Read More »

Muslims and American Politics: Creating Unity from the Inside Out 3

We should form our politics by looking inside our community and bringing our values outward. Instead, we form our political goals and values by looking to the outside to develop our inside, core values. There are a few matters that are very important that I can hardly imagine any American Muslim, even the conserva¬tive element, being against. American Muslims’ primary ... Read More »